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Mycobags with Injection Ports are Here & Now You Can Checkout with Amazon.

We are now carrying mycobags with self healing injection ports. These bags measure 5x4x18, are made with 3 mil plastic and have a 0.2 micron filter patch for gas exchange. These bags are a far superior choice and offer up much more protection for your substrate by eliminating the need to open the bag or mess with tape during inoculation. They also feature a much finer filter patch that is more efficient than the 0.5 or 5 micron options. We will be selling single bags, in lots of 25, 100 and we will also offer the option of ordering your...

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Digital Downloads Now Available

Instantly receive 30 mushroom growing e-books for for only $1.99!

1,000s' of pages of useful information for any mushroom enthusiast.

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Introducing our new recipe for bulk compost!

For years we have been using and selling a very basic straw and manure compost mixture. Here at MycoHaus we have recently stumbled across a new blend of compost that we have found far out preforms any others used in the past. We have noticed very vigorous and rapid mycelium growth. After thoroughly testing this new blend we created, we have completely done away with our old straw and manure compost. So I thought I would share how it was that we came upon this new recipe.

Last spring a friend of mine who is in the landscaping business dropped off...

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New mycobag sizes in stock!!

New Mycobag sizes

We now have in stock two new sizes of mycobags. A medium size 8'' x 5'' x 19’' bag for spawn runs, and a larger 10" X 5" X 24" size bag for bulk substrate and compost. Both sizes are available with 0.5 micron or 5 micron filter patches. Check it out.

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Sharing some great customer reviews

Over the last few months we have received quite a few really good reviews from customer across our eBay and Amazon sales channels. we also receive emails from customers who message us just to let us know what a great job were doing. So we would like to take a second to share some of the ones that stood out to us…and remember you can always leave product reviews for our items right here on our site. just click on the product page from the item you have purchased and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will...

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