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Liquid cultures available for $14.95 with free shipping

Bear's Head Blue Oyster King Oyster King Stropharia Lion's Mane Pink Oyster Reishi Shiitke

Currently we have the following species available...


Blue Oyster

King Oyster

Pink Oyster

With the following species  Available in October...

Lion's Mane 


King Stropharia

Bear's Head


Buy 5 get one free! 

Click the live liquid cultures tap under the shop menu for more information 

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Liquid cultures are coming!

We wanted to announce that as of August 1st 2022 we will have live liquid cultures available for sale on our site and Amazon. We will be slowly rolling out different species so we may only have a few varieties available at first but we soon plan to have dozens of species/strains ready for purchase.

For more information click here to check out our liquid cultures page.

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Holiday related shipping delays.

At the moment we are experiencing a record breaking amount of orders flowing in to our warehouse. We expect this is due to the increased amount of people staying at home and ordering more products online as a result of Covid-19 related issues. As we are only able to sterilize a finite amount of substrate in a 24 hour period we have become somewhat backed up with orders. We have our staff working around the clock to get things out as quickly as possible. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this matter. Please expect that your order...

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Shipping delays and updates 5/14/20

To our valued customers,

Hello. If you have placed orders with us in the past then you must have noticed that it has taken longer than usual to receive your order. First off, we would like to apologize for the delays. We completely understand the frustrations that some of our customers have expressed. We understand that these products are time sensitive for a lot of customers and that long delays can cause problems with people’s growing operations. We want everyone to know that we have been working around the clock to get order out as soon as...

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COVID-19 and updates on our current situation and shipping times.

We're facing an unprecedented time, with people around the world feeling the impact of COVID-19. The situation is changing every day, and we're doing what we can to take care of our team. As members of the ecommerce community, we'll play an important role during this time, with millions of people in quarantine ordering supplies they need.

At this moment our plans are to stay open and we are processing orders and shipping as usual. Handling time is normally 2-4 business days but because we have been so busy and backed up at the moment we...

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