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Shipping delays and updates 5/14/20

To our valued customers,

Hello. If you have placed orders with us in the past then you must have noticed that it has taken longer than usual to receive your order. First off, we would like to apologize for the delays. We completely understand the frustrations that some of our customers have expressed. We understand that these products are time sensitive for a lot of customers and that long delays can cause problems with people’s growing operations. We want everyone to know that we have been working around the clock to get order out as soon as we possibly can.

These set backs are not typical and are a direct result of the shipping delays caused by covid-19, business closings, supply chains becoming disrupted, all of the stay at home orders and a number of other uncontrollable factors, when combined have resulted in the massive delays that a great deal of e-commerce business owners have been experiencing.

For example, the company whom we purchase our mycobags from sources it’s polypropylene from China. They have had severe delays getting their materials and have also been short staffed. We reorder from them periodically and it has taken way longer than normal to receive our materials. As a result, we ran out of bags for a few days and could not process orders. As orders start to pile up here we have been short staffed and can only sterilize a finite amount of substrate in a 24 hour period. This has caused a domino effect that has really set us back. This was never our intention and in no way are we intentionally holding up orders. We completely understand how detrimental this is to our company. We are loosing business because of this.

We also know that spring is the time of year when our business really picks up. We have been taking on more order than normal as more people want to start up gardens and get their operations under way. We have taken steps to expand our operations such as upgrading our electrical breaker box so that we can run more sterilizers at once. We have hired more people, purchased more materials to ensure we do not run out and constructed more compost mixers so we can output more product. As a result of this we hope to reduce future handing times to 1-2 days.

Hopefully in the next week or so we can get our operations back on track and bring things to normal. We would also like to take this time to thank all the customers who stuck with us and endured these delays during this challenging time. Your patience and understanding in this matter has not gone unnoticed.

Your business is greatly appreciated and you have our deepest gratitude. Take care of yourselves, stay happy and healthy out there.


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