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Q: I do not plan on using my Myco Bags or grain spawn right away. How long are they good for?

A: We have performed quality control tests on our bags time and time again and provided they have not been opened and exposed to outside air, they will keep at room temperature for six months or longer without growing any mold or bacteria. However, we do like to say for best results store them in a refrigerator and use them within 30 days.

Our last test was recently conducted on our one-pound sterilized rye bags. we sat six bags on a book shelf at room temperature, in regular light and household humidity levels for one year. We then opened the bags and inoculated them. Each one with a different species of liquid culture, then incubated them in our lab. Every bag showed healthy mycelium growth. The grain was then transferred to compost where they were fruited. The conclusion was that the one year old bags preformed just as well as a freshly made batch.

Q: How are Your bags of grain able to last that long?

A: This is all made possible because of sterilization.The grain is stored in sealed bags with almost all oxygen removed. Therefor they are kept in almost a suspended like state (think of food stored in a food saver bag). They key is the oxygen. Molds and bacterias that break down the grain and cause contaminates need air to live. Without it they will not grow. When you remove the bags of grain from their packaging, unroll them and expose the filter patch, the bag will begin to let in outside air and breath through this filter. This is what allows a desired culture to grow once introduced to the substrate.

Q: How is your grain processed?

A: Each batch of grain is soaked for a period of time, rinsed and then brought to a boil in order to achieve the proper moisture content. The grain is then drained rinsed again and packaged in spawn bags where it is sterilized at 20 PSI for one hour. The sterilizers are let to cool for at least 3 hours before opening. This gives the substrate a total time of 4.5 to 5 hours where the substrate is kept above the 165 degrees Fahrenheit mark. This is the temperature in which the FDA says good must be cook to in order to kill bacteria.

Q: Can I fruit or grow the mushrooms right in the mycobags? Or do I need to use casing?

A: you can fruit mushrooms right out of the bags, but it really depends what kind you are growing, some species or mushrooms will fruit easier than others. In our experience we have found that you will get a larger yield if you transfer the grain spawn to a bulk substrate like straw or compost. We have simple instructions on grain transfer and building fruiting chambers that can be found under the instructions tab in the main menu of our site.

Q: What size hole do your rubber stoppers fit?

A: They will fit 1/2'' or 3/8, but we have found 7/16 is the perfect fit. It holds the stoppers in place very snug and they will not come loose.

Q: Do you combine shipping cost?

A: Yes, all of shipping is calculated by weight of the items. and during checkout the customer is given several shipping options based on that weight. We alway try to ship out as efficient and inexpensive as possible. In cases where the seller has overpaid and we were able to find a cheaper method for shipping we have refunded excess shipping cost back to them.