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Sterilized Mushroom Substrate - Ready to inoculate

Sterilized Mushroom Substrate by Mycohaus. Each batch is made to order and is ready to inoculate when it arrives at your door. Our fruiting substrate is made from shredded hardwood tree bark and a touch of manure.

This collection is perfect for:

  • Beginner Cultivators: When you are just beginning you may not know if you are ready to invest in expensive equipment. Before spending your life savings why not get some experience with substrate that is sterilized for you.
  • Budget Growers: For the growers who are committed but are still short on capital to build the you need. Our sterilized mushroom substrate is a budget friendly way to produce commercial quality flushes without breaking the bank.
  • Time-Strapped Farms: Mushroom farming is very demanding and time-consuming work. With only 24 hours in a day you may not have time to source materials, optimize, and sterilize your own substrate. 

Why does our collection stand out?

  • Optimized Growth: We carefully craft our mushroom substrate, offering a superior growing medium to produce vibrant mushroom mycelium and healthy fruit bodies.
  • Universal Flexibility: The bag's design ensures easy handling, making your mushroom cultivation process quick and easy. The right mushroom substrate determines the success of the growth process, and we've proven that ours fosters substantial growth.
  • Yield Improvement: This surpasses a mere bag of mushroom substrate. View it as your strategic partner, balanced PH, and geared to improve your mushroom yields.
  • Eco-friendly: Combining the strength of shredded bark and manure, our blend gives mushrooms all they need to thrive. The contents of each bag commits to eco-friendliness, doing your part for a healthy environment.

By choosing our substrate, you're not just picking compost substrate; you're opting for a commitment to top-tier mushroom cultivation. We promise not only quality but also assure you that we have tested, refined, and perfected our substrate.