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COVID-19 and updates on our current situation and shipping times.

We're facing an unprecedented time, with people around the world feeling the impact of COVID-19. The situation is changing every day, and we're doing what we can to take care of our team. As members of the ecommerce community, we'll play an important role during this time, with millions of people in quarantine ordering supplies they need.

At this moment our plans are to stay open and we are processing orders and shipping as usual. Handling time is normally 2-4 business days but because we have been so busy and backed up at the moment we are more on the 4 day side of handling time so we ask for your patience and understand in this difficult time. One of our main distributors has closed down so we are scrambling to source our materials at the moment. We will make every effort to get things out asap. We want to put our customers first. If for some reason we are forced to close down we will update our website to reflect that and refund any orders the have not been shipped. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or concerns you may have. Thank you for your business and stay safe.

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