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5 Pounds Rye Grain / Rye Berries-Raw

5 Pounds Rye Grain / Rye Berries-Raw

$ 8.99

Five pound bag of our bulk organic rye grain or "rye berries". We also have 10, 15 and 25 pound bags available.

Rye berries have dozens of uses. They can be used for grinding into flour for cooking, making bread, soups and stews, brewing beer, bird and animal feed or used as a substrate for mushroom growing. You can also sprout it and grow grass. Rye grass is used as a cover crop for your garden during the winter, cats love to eat it and it is safe for pets. it can be juiced like wheat grass for a nutritious smoothie additive. The internet is full of countless uses and recipes for rye grain. Because of its long shelf life, if stored properly it will keep for years and can used as an emergency food source.

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