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Greetings from the Mycohaus team!

First and foremost— we hope that everyone is staying as safe and healthy as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. With some states carefully navigating the process of reopening while others begin the process of reversing due to a resurgence of cases, these are truly difficult and complicated times.

MycoHaus is not immune the the volatility cause by this global pandemic. Be aware that our team has been working diligently to put in place processes intended to minimize the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. Our top priority will continue to be delivering the highest quality product available in our marketplace, while also providing excellent customer service and support. The production process for your order begins as soon as your order is placed. We do not maintain a backstock of inventory, and we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our products by purchasing lesser grade, more readily available materials used by some of our competitors.

Your business is truly appreciated. If your have any questions regarding your order, or any of our products, feel free to contact us at

Stay safe, and stay healthy.