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Sharing some great customer reviews

Over the last few months we have received quite a few really good reviews from customer across our eBay and Amazon sales channels. we also receive emails from customers who message us just to let us know what a great job were doing. So we would like to take a second to share some of the ones that stood out to us…and remember you can always leave product reviews for our items right here on our site. just click on the product page from the item you have purchased and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see a button “leave a review”. Every bit of feedback helps!

"The LC looks great, clean and full of culture ready to be used".
    Shawn - Amazon

"Seller's was so good I slapped my momma"
    funnytata2011 - eBay

"Awesome product as described...had a cpl ?'s for MycoHaus and received accurate and prompt responses w/in like 2 hours...seems like alotta contaminated grain being sold online these days, I'm glad MycoHaus is true to their word on sterilization and professionalism...Thank u again MycoHaus, and no I'm not a paid spokesman like Montel is these days for some weird reason I assume only he knows".
    Billy - Amazon

"Clean culture no contaminates - highly recommended seller"!
    gdurhamus - eBay

"best deal for your money. i tried so many others only to be disappointed. pro A+"
    leafofpennyroyal - eBay

"Your grow bags are the best! I recently took up gardening and growing gourmet mushrooms. Your bags ALWAYS colonize completely and NEVER contaminate. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your top notch product and dedication to your work. I garden/grow mushrooms as a way to help my PTSD, and you are a major rung on the ladder to wellness, if you know it or not. Thank you for the service you provide! A big thank you from a grateful Army Veteran".
    Zach - e-mail

"100% Perfect Every Time.. Never Disappointed!!! Thank You" “This seller is trustworthy... Awesome product!!! Thanks”
    wtfitsderek - eBay

“Had great myclium growth never any contamination” - Buyer: jason.h620

“Best I've ever seen, had to see it to believe it, world's greatest all day” - Buyer: inmysuburban

Thanks again everyone for the positive reviews, wish I had time to publish them all. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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