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8 lbs (4 pack) Sterilized Rye Grain / Berries

8 lbs (4 pack) Sterilized Rye Grain / Berries

$ 38.00

Eight pounds of nutrient-enhanced organic sterilized rye berries. This product is used as a substrate for mushroom cultivation and is packaged in 4 two-pound sealed myco / grow bags with your choice of regular or injection port bags. Each type of bag has a 0.5 micron filter patch for gas exchange. They are then shrink wrapped for added protection. (Each 2 lb. bag is approximately 48 FL oz. in volume, equal to 6-8 ½ pint jars) These bags are guaranteed to arrive to you 100% sterile and ready to inoculate with your favorite mushrooms spores or culture!

We carry detailed instructions on how to inoculate and cultivate these bags. If you would like a free copy please click on the "instructions" tab in our main menu.

Why Buy From Us You Ask?
We have sold tens of thousands of these bags on eBay, Amazon and through our website over the years with excellent reviews! Our substrates are always made to order to ensure freshness and are expertly prepared in a sterile environment with the utmost care. We take great pride in attention to detail and “sterile techniques” to guarantee you will receive nothing but the best possible product at the lowest price. We are growers that are here to help you. Now shop around, look at our competitors items, descriptions and prices. We have the best growing products on the web with the best prices. Read our feedback. Our quality and service cannot be beat!

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