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6 QTY, 70mm "Regular Mouth" Synthetic Filter Discs

6 QTY, 70mm "Regular Mouth" Synthetic Filter Discs

$ 8.94

6 synthetic filter discs used for mushroom cultivation. These discs are widely used by commercial producers, as well as those involved in smaller home cultivation. These synthetic filters discs fit precisely on any "regular mouth" 70mm canning jar which are commonly used by today's cultivators. Usage of these discs allows a fresh, constant air exchange while preventing the entrance of unwanted contaminates. Use them in place of jar lids, or just drill a hole in the lid, and place the discs under the lid.

Our synthetic filter discs can be used within a pressure cooker, steam sterilizer or autoclave. They are reusable, highly durable and have a filtration rate of 99.97%. This means they will filter out anything larger than .3 microns. They come in 70 & 90mm sizes but they are all a true 1/16 of an inch thick! This is equal to roughly 13 sheets of filter paper.

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